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Human Trafficking

I believe all lives matter and that each one of us is priceless. 

Human Trafficking is an issue which is deeply impacting our community - human beings are bought and sold and are working against their will right here in Colorado Springs and House District 18. 

Our legislature has worked hard to enhance penalties and raise awareness, along with a number of community organizations. I am committed to working alongside our law enforcement officers, community organizations and all of you to protect and ensure the dignity of men, women and children. I will work to get ahead of the issues through enhanced community education and outreach, while also working alongside fellow lawmakers and leaders to ensure those who commit these crimes are held fully accountable. 

I will work hard to build a Better Colorado for Everyone!


Education is the cornerstone of a brighter future for generations to come.

Education should not be a one-size fits all approach for our children. There are countless learning styles and valuable paths to a solid educational foundation. Parents and caregivers know their children best - they should be empowered with the choice as to how best to educate their children and to embrace educational innovation. When education is put back into the hands of educators and parents, children win. 

We also have to address options for non-traditional paths which go hand-in-hand for economic growth in Colorado Springs. A 4-year university may not be a fit for all and therefore, I will work with trade schools, non-traditional universities and all educational institutions to find pathways to meaningful careers we can all take pride in including internships and apprenticeships.

Together, we can build Better Colorado for Everyone!

Jobs and Our Economy

Colorado now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country yet we have higher numbers of individuals living in poverty or paycheck to paycheck than many of our neighbors.. We can do better!

I will work hand in hand with the business community and their partners to create environments which are business-friendly and promote common-sense legislation to encourage companies to come, hire Coloradans and to stay. Our children are graduating from high school and college and are not only, in many cases, saddled with debt, they are unable to find work in their chosen field.  The under-employment issues faced by our young professionals are enormous and hinder the growth of a stable and strong economy for the future.

It is time to reduce regulations, introduce common sense reforms for broken programs and to ease tax burdens on individuals and businesses. It is then that we can realize our potential, foster a strong, pro-jobs environment in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities and most importantly, ensure that our children and neighbors have opportunities to contribute and thrive in our beautiful state.

Together, we will build a Better Colorado for Everyone!  

Safer Communities for Colorado

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America..." 

Our Constitution provides for a safe and secure country for all Americans. Yet somehow, Colorado faces some of the toughest challenges in the country when it comes to keeping our kids and families safe and secure. El Paso County was ranked 5th in the Nation in 2016 for teen suicide - this epidemic is a tragedy and we must work together to create lasting and compassionate solutions for our youth. Our communities also house a large number of active duty service members and veterans, especially here in El Paso County.  They also are facing the challenges that come with mental health issues. In conjunction with community organizations, educators, mental health professionals and the legal community we can and will work to ensure that this is not a trend we allow to continue. We owe it to our most vulnerable and our bravest to do more to combat these issues at the most basic level. 

Homelessness plagues our community. I have seen the face of poverty, the effects of opioid addiction and the impacts that all of these issues have on our businesses, homes and families.  I have dug in and walked side-by-side with our non-profits, caregivers and law enforcement officers as they work to help those of us who are the most vulnerable in our community. I am committed to addressing these issues through public-private partnerships, strong relationships with all stakeholders and local government relations. We are working together to build lasting solutions to these critical issues. 

As Coloradans, I know we can and will take care of our own and that together we can protect and provide for our law enforcement, business owners, community leaders, first responders and mental health providers to ensure our families and children are safe and free to pursue their own American Dream.  

I will work hard to build a Better Colorado for YOU!